About Two Trees...

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 About Two Trees...


Two Trees Child Care Centre provides quality daycare and education to children within the community.  Our nurturing environment fosters a child's natural curiosity and promotes independence so that they may successfully reach their developmental goals.

At Two Trees Child Care Centre we encourage children to construct their knowledge and enhance their development through play-based learning.

Our program focuses on the whole child, recognizing the value, strengths and uniqueness of each individual.  The curriculum is based on the children’s interests and the activities are planned according to their particular level of development.  Our program is carefully crafted to prepare your child for kindergarten.  We believe children benefit from working in both group and individual settings to help them achieve their developmental goals and milestones.

Two Trees Child Care Centre values family and the unique style in which families choose to raise and care for their children.  Consistency in a child’s life and routine provides the confidence and security he/she needs to explore and succeed in their environment.  In order to achieve this consistency, our qualified staff work closely with families of enrolled children, ensuring that each child’s diet, health, sleep, behavior management strategies and educational practices are met appropriately and to the highest standards possible.


Rooms with a View...

Rooms with a view! All of our classrooms have 20% more window space than that which is required by ministry guildlines. This means more natural light and beautiful landscapes for our children to marvel at throughout the day! (Picture taken from 1 of our Toddler classrooms).

We NOW Have Subsidy...

Two Trees Child Care Centre now has an agreement with York Region to offer subsidized care to families in the community. If you or anyone you know is looking for care, we have limited spaces available so call today to book a tour and register your child!


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